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Barbara Terry is one of the most sought-after auto experts and off road race car drivers in television, print and radio.

She has appeared on the cover of Kiplinger's Magazine, has been featured in over 100 publications and has made more than 400 television and radio appearances since 2006 such as: Fox Sports, The CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, WGN, The Tony Danza Show, CNN, Maxim Radio, Oprah Radio, ESPN Radio, ivillage and among a long list of others.

Since 2006 Barbara has served as the Spokesperson/Product Representative/Host for numerous companies such as Ford Motor Company, eBay Motors, Goodyear Tires, Pennzoil, Sylvania, Gillette, Shell Oil, Deltran Battery Tender, Muc-Off USA, RainX,  Brakebleeder, General Motors Dubai, American Airlines, Duracell, General Tire, NAPA Filters, FRAM, Prestone, Quaker State, Fix a Flat, Volkswagen and Turtle Wax.

Barbara has served as Television and Internet Host for Turtle Wax,, Gillette, Deltran Battery Tender, Muc-Off USA, and

Barbara's Hosted live events for American Airlines, Volkswagen, Goodyear and General Motors.

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BT's book "How Athlete's Roll" now available in stores

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BT's second book "Getting Greasy Made Easy" will be in stores Spring of 2011

She is currently in her sixth year of writing a weekly auto advice column for The Houston Chronicle, writes for, is an automotive content contributor for and, wrote a series of automotive articles for Men's Fitness Magazine and wrote a chapter in The Experts Guide "2008".

Barbara Goes International 

On November 11th 2007 she was Host/Emcee for GM Style Dubai Event in Dubai UAE.

Barbara owns and operates her own off road race team ,Barbara Terry Racing, where she and
her team participate in races such as
The Baja 500 and The Baja 1000.  Barbara's racing
Sponsors, past and present, are
Deltran Battery Tender, Muc-Off, NOS, Goodyear Tires, NAPA Filters, Shell and Pennzoil.

BT's How Athletes Roll book:

She is the author of an amazing book that hit bookstores in August of 2010 that features 40 celebrity Athletes and their cars.  July 2010:  Barbara shoots a Television Pilot with the same concept as her book.

How Athletes Roll Radio:

November 2010: Barbara launches her own weekly/national radio show based on her book How Athletes Roll. How Athletes Roll Radio is a weekly, hour long show that features 2 athletes per show, Automotive tips, contests and all the other great stuff Barbara comes up with.

Getting Greasy Made Easy

March 2011: Barbara releases her second book "Getting Greasy Made Easy". This book is a bumper to bumper guide regarding everything you will need to know about your vehicle.

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